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CTR Credential Maintenance

Maintaining your CTR credential is of utmost importance.  After all, you worked very hard to study and pass the credentialing exam and you certainly do not want to jeopardize your job or professional standing by letting your certification lapse!  The Certified Tumor Registrar Continuing Education Handbook, published by the National Cancer Registrar’s Association, states that

“Each Certified Tumor Registrar, or CTR, is responsible for their own self-assessment of personal knowledge and understanding of the registry field, and further, a continued maintenance of those abilities through participation in appropriate educational programs.”

The challenge for cancer registrars, however, is finding an educational venue that is readily available in your area, pocketbook “friendly,” and appropriate for your biannual continuing education (CE) submissions to maintain your CTR credential.  We are proud to say that RegistryMindset provides all of this for you and more! 

The Cancer Registrar should be familiar with the NCRA-published Handbook and at review it at least annually for any changes to the CE requirements.  To quickly summarize, once every two years each CTR is required to:

  • Complete twenty (20) CE clock hours in a two (2) calendar year continuing education cycle. 
  • Maintain a balance of acquired knowledge and skills that are varied and broad based. 
  • NCRA also encourages each credentialed member to accrue clock hours in excess of the number required in each cycle.


RegistryMindset guarantees each member a monthly CE course offering 0.5 – 1.0 clock hours each month that is applicable and appropriate to the cancer registry and the professional development of each allied healthcare member it serves.  We also provide you with complete documentation, including:

  • A downloadable course-specific syllabus,
  • Printed learning objectives, and
  • A personalized, dated and numbered Certificate of Completion. 


Courses offered by RegistryMindset are developed using sound adult learning principles and delivered using an established and internationally recognized learning delivery program.  Each course includes:

  • Readable course content (i.e., web pages or PDF documents)
  • Multimedia segments (i.e., movie, video, audio, or MP3), and
  • Interactive content (i.e., web-paged quizzes).


Each CE quiz is graded immediately upon completion by the member and a minimum of 70% (as required by NCRA) must be achieved in order to download or print a Certificate of Completion.    

All courses meet the NCRA requirements as defined in the section labeled Eligible Activities describing virtual programs.  There are no restrictions on the number of hours in this category that the CTR can obtain or submit in each biannual cycle.  In addition, NCRA also provides for: 

“Other registry or oncology-related programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, and video-teleconference group seminars, or institutes which contribute to the continuing education of the Certified Tumor Registrar.” 

To further ensure that RegistryMindset continuing education courses not only satisfy, but exceed, NCRA requirements it is important to understand what is not eligible for submission.  This includes courses that are:

“Related educational activities which do not exceed the level tested for certification of the registrar.  These may include introductory programs in registry organization, ICD-O coding, abstracting, collaborative staging, or medical terminology.  Use of the wording BASIC, INTRODUCTORY, or FUNDAMENTAL should alert the participant that the program may be ineligible for CTR credit.” 

RegistryMindset assures each of its members that our courses are eligible for NCRA CE cycle submission.  If, however, you have concerns that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to chat with you by telephone to address your concerns or specific needs.